Thursday, September 27, 2012

vision II

As we were sitting and chatting outside where we lived, a huge, tall, fierce snake appeared. The snake looked prepared for war. As the snake was crawling it came near my door and when it saw that i was looking at it, it did not enter the house and turned back. Everyone present was amazed but did nothing to kill the snake. As the snake was leaving, appeared a creature like cat who tried to fight with the snake but the snake prevailed against it and as the cat was making a stand against the huge, tall and fierce snake a hand appeared from among us and hit the cat with a rod, so the cat rolled away in pain and died.

Soon after there were trails of an army of little snakes crawling everywhere a sign that the huge, tall and fierce snake that looked prepared for war was giving birth to new breed as it returns to its hiding place.

When I woke up the Lord told me that the enemy is recruiting a new breed to carry out it's work throughout the regions bordering the sea and the lake. The Lord said the enemy is taking the battle to tribal level and that most of the new recruits are from two regions in Kenya. The Lord said these recruits were once believers but because of tribal affiliation with their masters, they forsook the Love of Christ to pursue earthly treasures, recognition and acceptance.

The Lord said the hot spots of their operations will be;
1.  Food poisoning: Because the new recruits are both old, young men and women who can work in the restaurants, food kiosks, and public places where handling food is common, these recruits are equipped with a drug like chemical wrapped around their waist which they pour into the victims food. this drug like chemical can cause frequent sour mouth and also put the human immune system into non active mode leaving the body vulnerable to attacks.

2.  Use of chemical weapons: Due to unpredictable patterns in how these chemicals react within different types of people, their choice of use must be careful and accurate with proper timing. They also require a fairly simple chemical techniques to acquire. The raw materials are inexpensive and are generally readily available. The chemicals work better whether absorbed through skin or via respiration or consumed through liquid or food. The frequent outbreak of cold like flu where almost everybody was ailing can be attributed to this sort of chemical attack. The SYMPTOMS of a low dose of a nerve agent attack may include; running nose, increased production of saliva, feeling of pressure on the chest, headache and feeling of pain when the victim tries to focus on an object nearby. There are more unspecific symptoms like tiredness, slurred speech, hallucinations and nausea. Another form of chemical weapon attack is blood agent. Blood agents prohibits the bonding of oxygen with blood.

Chemical weapons are easy to deploy without drawing any attention and suspicion

3.  Infiltrating the drug market with noneffective medicine. The drug market is also a place as a servant of God you need to look at in your quest to protect yourself and the people around you..
4.  Causing insecurity: 
5.  Staging accidents:

This is how food poisoning will work against you.  You as a victim you are identified through physical contact. This is because of the security issues with telephone communications. The recruit must first know you or you be identified by another recruit who knows you. once identified you became a target so that every time you pop into that favorite eating den, the food and water is treated first before you are served. What will follow is that you will begin developing unending health issues until your health deteriorates. If you determine that you have a case identical to this, Change where you eat.

There are more tactics used to destroy lives without drawing any attention than we can publish so God is asking you to stay on the look out and report any pattern you find to the people of God.

May The Love of God and Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all in Jesus Name.

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