Sunday, November 18, 2012

A call to vet pastors by the CJ Justice Willy Mutunga is misleading

 A call for corruption stricken Judiciary to vet pastors by the CJ is misleading
How can the people who have taken the key of knowledge be entrusted with the vetting of the ministers of the same knowledge? Luke 11:52.
The recent call by the chief justice of Kenya Justice Willy Mutunga to vet the church leaders is misleading and out of context. Before he made the remarks or rather his opinion on matters concerning the house of God, calls had been made from different quarters for a structured means to certify pastors and bishops by the state.
In spiritual perspective dimension, the call by the CJ can be translated as an echo of the latter and plan seems to be underway to lay siege and take control of the house of God. Since the creation of the world for those who still believe in the Bible, the evidence of two forces fighting to take control of the souls of men is not hidden. The Bible plainly separates the true worshippers of the true Living God and those who worship the created things namely occult.
The occult world has mutated over the years that making a distinctive picture of the true Christ followers is nearly impossible. What we have seen over the last century is the infiltration method used by the occult world to disguise itself as the true Church of Christ while eliminating the true followers of Christ using a cold war like means and ways to evade detection.
Many of the Gods servants I knew have been silenced or killed. The increase of lawlessness spoken of in the book of Mathew 24 by the Lord Jesus is perpetuated by the occult world to advance its agendas making it hard to fight vices like corruption, ruthless killing, land grabbing, bad leadership, nepotism and other vices like these.
Today many cases are clogging in the corridors of justice because of the infiltration of the occult world in the judicial system of Kenya. It is the same temptation of “I will give you these things if you fall down and worship me” thing echoed and approved by the men in the system who has sold their glory and honor to the devil. Because worshipping the devil always comes with its goodies among them being worshipped by men as God Himself, you never run out of money because of constant supply from the blood stained treasury, protection from justice where others strive to get protection from injustices and all manner of known and unknown evil thereof.
Knowing very well that justice is a basic right to every man as entrenched in the constitutions the world over, the occult world disregard the most important parts of the Law, Matthew 23:23, while focusing its energy onto enforcing the laws that favors its operations and existence, thus the calls and echoes to Mann the House of God through the judicial process by the only man at the helm of the throne of Justice in this country is not only a breach of a clear separation of State and Religion clause but a clear signal of the intent of another force to take over the house of God through the Judiciary and further distort the only remaining places where knowledge can still be found.
In Luke 11:52 Jesus told off lawyers describing them as anti-knowledge group of people saying that they had taken the Key of knowledge from the people while they themselves (lawyers) were not getting it either.
If the man who is the head of the Church called the lawyers of His time anti-knowledge, how can He again appoint the same to vet his ministers? It’s over 2000 years since Jesus spoke against the lawyers of that time and still lawyers have not changed. If the judiciary is still unchanged after 2000 years from the time it came head to head with the Lord of Knowledge, How can the few reforms in the last few years in the history of the judiciary sector of this Nation affect the minds and hearts of men and women who have not changed or rather conformed to the teachings of Christ over the last 2000 years?
Another compelling force that will steer and bring the occult world at helm of total control over the house of God through the Judiciary is the love of money and power. I know of countless number of men who through money have been able to register churches while having no vision or the Spirit but only the idea to make money and mislead the flock of God.
The love of money will give anyone a reason to support and entrench into the constitution contradicting laws that will put the house of God into a disarray and confusion. Organizations like FKE, KFF, Royalty collection and distribution and any other organization I may not have mentioned have wrangles and mismanagement because the idea in the first place was to make money. When the war is directed to house of God the motive thereby increases in number and one of them is to tie the gospel of Christ using the constitution and the corruption stricken judiciary. We are not going to call the judiciary to clean its house before it attempts to introduce laws that will bind the Gospel of Salvation because the judiciary cleaning is a smokescreen to cause havoc, destruction and spread the corruption culture in the Judiciary to the house of the Living God. Since time immemorial especially during the Old Testament, the priesthood was reserved for the tribe of Levi and that was their inheritance. The message God was passing over to the generations of the sons of men was that He works with people he chooses and not the people chosen for Him. This means of selection meant that the priests served the people as they were directed by God and not serving the people as directed by the people.
In the occult world where God is man, priest is man, and the king is man hence the 666 symbol in the book of revelation 13:18 the priest is man selected. By asking for laws to vet pastors and preachers to be entrenched into the constitution, the CJ is asking for a system that will see that those who preach the gospel of Christ are man selected which may in turn tie the hands of the gospel ministers to effectively discharge their duty. We are all aware that that most pastors and preachers of the gospel of Christ in Kenya are not that learned as the men in corruption stricken judiciary and cannot afford to put an intellectual, financial or any other fight against advances of the senior advocate or advocates of this nation but they represent hope that above all the tribulations men go under while they live, there is someone to look up to.
Because people worship different things like the moon, stars, idols, planets, sun, animals etc, without professing their faith in the open the mechanism to determine the true worshippers of the Living God might never already exist except for the one that God has already approved, 2 Timothy 2:19.
As a warning to every citizen of this great nation, professionals, lawyers, doctors, politicians and all reading this, peace is a very important thing that we all need. Changing the laws of God to suit ourselves will bring wrath on us and we will all bear its fierceness. Strive, anger, bitterness, misunderstanding, bloodshed and the vices alike among the dwelling of men are cause by the absence of God, who said that peace be with men whom his favor rests. The absence of God is usually caused by our actions He deems provocative which one of them is changing His laws and statutes. We should also know that there are generations mightier than us actually giants who lived before us and were hostile towards God and his creation and they were all destroyed and us are no exception and should always be awake to find and know the will of God as children of God. As children of God we have been given everything except that there are things we should not change or alter and these are the rules He had laid down for our own good.
When we passed the constitution, it was like an agreement we made between ourselves as 42 great tribes of this nation. The agreement was that we had accepted the words inscribed in the new constitution to be our guide and light in helping us coexist with one another regardless of religion, tribe or race. We laid a foundation for which we all accepted that the law was good and acceptable. By casting our votes, we were asking the God of all creation to be the witness of our agreement of which He is.
But the war did not end by passing the constitution, it actually started because there are people who thrived during the era that disregarded the freedom and liberties of individuals and that is why the constitution have been altered several times before it even began to be implemented. This is not to say that the CJ is among this group, but the CJ might actually be under some pressure from the occult world to prepare our hearts and minds for the law that will restrict the preaching of the gospel. Not too long the whole freedom we fought for in the past 40 years and are entrenched in the new constitution will become null and void. We all have a responsibility to defend the constitution failure to which we must be held responsible and accountable for every prohibitive and restrictive law that takes away our basic rights as citizens of this nation.
I do not want to say much but we have hundreds of religions in Kenya but with all due respect, could the CJ explain which of these religions does the judiciary wants to vet it ministers. Is it Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Seventh Day Adventists, Hindus, Budhists, Ninjas, Illuminatis, Yakuzas, Baghdad boys, Mungiki’s or MRCs or it just wants to load another weight on the Christ's faithful (s) already burdened with the intercessory mission interceding for this nation?

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  1. I have too much respect for the CJ Willy Mutunga but not to this extent. Since he made the remarks i have thought of him as the enemy of the New Constitution. Moi regime Corrupted and allowed the occult an upper hand. Today Kenya is not safe because of Nyayo Philosophies and now it looks like all the generation that grew up under Nyayo thinks bondage all the time. Can the people have liberty to express their faith? and Must only people of the Christian faith be vetted? What about the Hindus, Muslims, Atheist Why Must only the Church of Christ suffer